Selecting a Microphone for Lecture Recording.

You can use either a wired or wireless lapel microphone. The only caution with the wired microphone is it is not good if you like to move away from your laptop when you talk and teach. I invariably pull my laptop off the podium if I use a wired microphone. For me, a wireless microphone is a better option.

Wired Lapel Microphone

This is the cheapest option (~$35) to get better quality audio on your Zoom recordings. You can purchase these on Amazon.

Wireless Lapel Microphone 

This inexpensive Samson XPD2 USB Digital wireless microphone (~$180) is recommended by UBC Media Services. I have bought and tested one and it works well with my new MacBook and a Lenovo Carbon laptop. You can borrow mine if you want to test it out. It is available online at Long and McQuade or B & H Photo